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Born in Leicestershire in 1944, Michael has been composing and performing as a pianist since the age of 12. and his works encompass a wide range of styles. He has written symphonic, chamber, instrumental and vocal music and has contributed extensively to the literature of the piano.

Since his early compositional experiments in the 1960s, using serial techniques, he has traversed into a more cheerful and melodic sphere incorporating Jazz and 'Rock' elements. From the 1980s he has embraced a highly developed 'European' style with respect for traditional forms.

During the late 1960s and early 1970s he took private lessons from Leschetizky's last remaining pupil and piano prodigy, the late Frank Merrick. So he now belongs to a long traditional line of pianists and composers

His main inspirations have evolved from nature and the night. In summation:

“His art is that of music to enable one to forget.”